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Who We Are




 At Beans N Canes we believe that leading by example is empowerment. To be the change you have to be able to see the change. We are changing the way we think first before changing the way the world thinks. This company was built on adding values to anyone with whom we come across and provide them with compelling, accessible and affordable alternatives.


We feel that we can create a BIG impact by changing one daily habit. Our habits begin with ourselves and our families. By switching one small habit, we have the power to create a global impact on the plastic pollution crises which is affecting humans and marine life in a negative way. If each family chooses one small daily habit such as switching from plastic straws to compostable ones, we can create a global impact. We are committed to providing the best and most accessible alternative to plastic, reducing and replacing plastic straws on a world-wide scale as we know there is no alternative for a suffering planet. Be the Change You Want To See in Others.


Produced with renewable materials and low energy consumption, our products are able to be recycled back into the production chain so that the limited resources can be used in a way of circulation and sustainability to create a friendly economic system.

We are dedicated to re-define and re-design the waste with our techniques which allow the resources to be utilized more efficiently.