Dear Plastic! Move over.

Did you know that 32% of plastic packaging ends up in the environment and 40% goes to landfill- this means future generations have to deal with all of this trash!


14% of plastic packaging is incinerated which produces harmful and toxic smoke and ash. 14% of plastic packaging is recycled and only 2% is effectively recycled. Effective recycling means that it becomes something just as useful as before. Most recycled plastic is only recycled once before ending up in landfills, incinerators, or the environment.

We, at Beans N Canes, care about our future and the future of the environment for generations to come. We do not want our children and grandchildren swimming with plastic water bottles instead of fish. 

Check out our line of 100% compostable straws made from recycled sugarcane fibers and recycled coffee beans. They are durable, gluten free, vegan, non-soggy, will not leave a gross residue or after taste like paper straws, and will not end up in landfills.





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