Ho Ho Ho: Here's the key to a Joyful Holiday Season


Watching our loved ones opening their presents brings us so much joy. What happens to the gift wrap after it is torn open, revealing that perfect present? Around the holidays, it's estimated that Americans throw out an extra 1 million tons of trash per week – and one of the biggest offenders of seasonal waste is single-use gift wrap. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gift wrap. 💚

1.  Wrap Boxes with Brown Paper Bags: If you have a stash of bags, cut them down and wrap your present on the non-printed side. Add a personalized message or stamp for a special touch.

2. Reuse Cardboard Shipping Boxes: Many of us buy items online and receive them in cardboard boxes. Rather than buy new gift boxes, re-use a cardboard shipping box. Afterwards it can be recycled.

3. Upcycle Other Shipping Supplies: Many companies ship products with tissue paper sheets or brown or white packaging sheets. Save them and re-use for your holiday gifts.

4. Swap Paper For Fabric Gift Wrap: Make your gift eco-friendly by wrapping in a towel, shawl, scarf, or other fabric. Watch the Furoshiki method of fabric wrapping here

5. Tie Gifts With Compostable Twine: Ditch the single use ribbon and opt for compostable twine to give your gift a more natural touch. Most hemp or cotton twine can be used year after year.

6. Repurpose Gift Bags: Save gift bags you receive and repurpose them. 



We wish you peace, love, and happiness this holiday season! 





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